anita and Janae's Story Continued...

My daughter is excited about going to church now.  She LOVES the group mentoring and has a fit if she has to miss it!  She has found people who listen to her without judgement, who care unconditionally, and encourage her hopes, dreams and belief in Christ Jesus.  She has gotten to experience some wonderful life experiences that I could not have afforded for her such as the Hume Lake Winter Camp, the professional baseball games, the Silver Spur day and many others.  

Since joining TeenWorks, my daughter feels like she is participating in life instead of just being a spectator.

I am so grateful for the TeenWorks staff and volunteers and their Christian example in my daughter's life.  She is happy and excited about life’s experiences instead of dreading everything.  Sure, she has times when she is down and questioning but, hey she is a teen after-all.  TeenWorks is always there for her and encourages her.

I thank God continually for bringing TeenWorks into our lives.