"The people at TeenWorks have really helped me through a lot and helped when I needed it most."

-Kelly // TeenWorks High School Freshman

"I love TeenWorks because I get to meet new friends, learn about myself and God, and have fun!"

-Corrine // TeenWorks High School Senior


"I am so thankful for my mentor.  She is an amazing friend, mentor, and person.  I am looking forward to the future and and thankful for all of her support."

-Jamie // TeenWorks Junior High Student

"TeenWorks is my family."

-Kori // TeenWorks Junior High Student


"I love TeenWorks because I have a mentor that helps me with life and acts much like a mom when I haven’t really had one."

-Sarah // TeenWorks High School Senior


"TeenWorks is an amazing experience that brings everybody together to have fun and help one another.  It is a place where you can talk to people and be yourself.  It is an amazing mentoring program and I am glad to be in it."

-Jordan // TeenWorks High School Freshman