Cyndi's Mentoring Story

I've been a Teenworks Mentor for over five years now, and it is honestly one of the best things I've ever gotten involved in. Even though I volunteered with Teenworks as a way to serve the Lord and share His love with teens in need of support, the blessings I've received have been so much more than any sacrifice of my time, energy or resources. I'm reminded of a verse from Proverbs 11:25 - "he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed".  I've enjoyed special friendships not only with the teens I've mentored, but also with the other mentors, directors and board members. When you become a part of Teenworks, you become part of a special family of God, participating in all kinds of fun events and developing meaningful relationships with young people who otherwise might receive little or no adult guidance and support in their lives.

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Barb's Story

I am mentoring a very sweet girl who has had a difficult childhood. It is a great blessing to be able to be a part of a ministry that is helping young people who are in such need of love, support and consistency . Our hope is that youth will learn to trust as we care for them and show them God's love for them and hope for their futures.


Candice's Story

Mentoring was a tough job but a worthwhile job.  I was matched up with a teen that was 14.  The day I met her she told me she wanted to get pregnant.  That spoke volumes to me as her mentor, her deep desire was just to be loved by someone unconditionally.  Throughout our relationship, I have been there to do just that to pick her up when she was down and try to set her back in the right direction. All the while encouraging her with life skills like setting goals, balancing a checking account and showing up for school ready to learn (not socialize).  Through the years there were many times I wondered what good I was doing in her life, was I actually making a difference?  Was she ever going to graduate?  Is there hope for this young adult?  I can answer a resounding yes!  I can proudly say, not because of anything I did, my mentee  graduated from high school... a year early no less!   And she made it without getting caught up in the criminal justice system!  The Lord is working in these kids lives through us.   Were there times I wanted to give up, yes, but I knew that I was going to be the only adult in her life that didn't give up on her.  I wanted her to know that she has a future and hope and she wasn't going to hear that from anyone else in her life.