Trauma Informed Care

We are joining forces with Prevent Child Abuse Tuolumne County and local agencies in providing trauma informed care for our youth.  By utilizing trauma informed care we will be responding to youth with understanding while recognizing and responding to all types of trauma.  In this video, join Annie Hockett MSW to learn more about Trauma Informed Care.

Practical Tips for working with Youth

Taking a trauma informed approach helps youth heal.  Results may not be immediate so be disciplined and stick with it.  Your trauma informed care lens and approach will make a difference.  

  • Be predictable and consistent.  Traumatized children desire structure.
  • Allow for choices and some sense of control.  However, you will want to limit the choices to no more than three.
  • Provide an environment that offers a sense of safety.
  • Learn to recognize the survival mode.  Offer for students to "reset."  
  • Be supportive of the entire family.
  • Be kind, take time to listen and show you genuinely care.
  • Highlight strengths to help expand the child's sense of  his/her capabilities.  
  • Approach children only when you are regulated yourself. Your own self care is important.