Life Group Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

Once I have submitted my application what are the next steps?

After submitting your application we will contact you by telephone and schedule a time to conduct an interview at your residence. If the interview is successful and you appear to be a good fit for our program we will provide you paperwork to get fingerprinted. After the fingerprints have cleared we request a copy of your DMV printout and current automobile policy. Then you’re DONE!

How do I get a copy of my DMV driving record?

If you have access to the internet you can pay a $2.00 fee and print it out at: or you can get a copy from any DMV office.

How long does it take to get a group started?

From the time you submit your application until you first meet your mentee usually takes 1-2 months.    

What if I have little to no experience with “at-risk” teens?

TeenWorks offers a mandatory “New Mentor Orientation Training” before you are matched with a youth.  We seek to offer your support and encouragement throughout your entire mentoring experience. 

What role does a “TeenWorks Life Group Mentor” play?

A mentor is designed to provide support, direction, and encouragement. Simply put, an adult friend who can come alongside a teen and give them the hope they never had.  The unique thing about a Life Group Mentor is that you will meet at a consistent time weekly engaging in some type of activity much like a coach of a sport.  

What types of activities do Life Group Mentors usually do?

This can vary depending on your interests.  Perhaps you have a passion for art or horses or volunteering locally.  If you have some type of activity or hobby you are passionate about we would love to utilize it in working with at-risk students. 

As a Life Group Mentor am I responsible for paying my Life Group activities?

No.  Although we appreciate and financial support you are able to contribute to a life group it is not required.  We are happy to help provide the supplies you need to make the group operate.   

Are there any other time commitment requirements I should know about?

TeenWorks requires a minimum of a one year commitment. The only other time commitment is attending a training workshop twice a year that consists of approximately 1.5 hours of training per session.

I have a criminal history dating back several years ago. Will that disqualify me from becoming a Life Group Mentor?

Not necessarily. Know that if you do have a history of arrest(s) and/or convictions,  we take care to look at each person individually based on various factors and make a determination.

I have a DUI on my record and want to know if that will disqualify me from becoming a Life Group Mentor?

If you have a current driver’s license, automobile insurance, and are not currently on probation we look at each case individually.

I am really interested in becoming a mentor, but have a varying work schedule and sometimes travel for business, which I fear may get in the way of mentoring a Life Group?

This is often times what keeps many great mentors from joining TeenWorks. However, one of the unique things about creating your own Life Group is that it can be around your schedule. The only schedule you typically have to work around is the youth’s school schedule, but other than that you are able to schedule your meeting times/activities to fit into your family/work schedule.  We do want you to meet weekly at a consistent time.