Mentor and Volunteer Recruiter Frequently Asked Questions

Once I have submitted my application what are the next steps?

After submitting your application we will contact you by telephone and schedule a time to conduct an interview at your residence. If the interview is successful and you appear to be a good fit for our program we will provide you paperwork to get fingerprinted. Then you’re DONE!

What role does a “TeenWorks Mentor and Volunteer Recruiter” play?

A Mentor and Volunteer Recruiter plays a vital role in the continued success of the outreach of TeenWorks.  Volunteers are absolutely essential to serving at-risk teens in Tuolumne County and without being able to recruit mentors and volunteers we are not able to accomplish this goal.  

What hours will I need to volunteer?

We would like recruiters to spend an average 1-2 hours per week contacting possible volunteers and helping them through the application and interview process.  The schedule is very flexible and completely up to you.  The TeenWorks staff will support you in any way needed.    

I have a criminal history dating back several years ago. Will that disqualify me from becoming a mentor?

Not necessarily. Know that if you do have a history of arrest(s) and/or convictions, we take care to look at each person individually based on various factors and make a determination.

I have a DUI on my record and want to know if that will disqualify me from becoming a mentor?

If you have a current driver’s license, automobile insurance, and are not currently on probation we look at each case individually.