2016 Here we Come


What a wonderful year it has been for mentoring. We are happy to announce that we will finish 2015 strong! It has been a challenging year due to changes in administration, but we feel that we are in such a strong position for 2016. We wanted to take this time at the end of the year to share a mentor story with you, because as we look forward to 2016 we hope that you will be encouraged by what we have accomplished- Thanks to YOU (our supporters). Here is a story that will allow you to see mentoring through our mentors eyes:

“I've been a Teenworks Mentor for over five years now, and it is honestly one of the best things I've ever gotten involved in. Even though I volunteered with Teenworks as a way to serve the Lord and share His love with teens in need of support, the blessings I've received have been so much more than any sacrifice of my time, energy or resources. I'm reminded of a verse from Proverbs 11:25 - "he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed".  I've enjoyed special friendships not only with the teens I've mentored, but also with the other mentors, directors and board members. When you become a part of Teenworks, you become part of a special family of God.

I’ve been involved with my current mentee, a 17 year old young lady, for over three years, and she has become like a member of my family. In spite of enduring all kinds of neglect and abuse growing up, I have watched her become a strong Christian woman with high standards, dreams, a positive attitude, and a purpose to her life.  When a turn of events last December led to her moving back with family in Fresno, with destructive results, the Lord used a visit by my husband and I to show her that she didn't have to stay in that oppressive environment. Within two days of our visit, she had moved back to Sonora (living with a believing aunt) and her life immediately began turning around. (We had lots of people praying!) Where she had despaired of life and found herself without hope, the Lord brought faith, hope, encouragement, and renewed dreams. It was truly a privilege to watch the Lord say to the forces of hell, "Not this one, SHE is MINE!"

As you consider whether you might invest some time in the life of an at-risk teen, I can tell you wholeheartedly that you will receive much more from it than you will give. You will receive training and support every step of the way, and possibly make an eternal difference in the life of someone who needs you. I hope that you will prayerfully consider getting involved in this valuable and much needed ministry.”

In Christ's Love,       - Cyndi Woodbury

And there are so many more like this. We wanted to include Cyndi’s letter because there are always two things that Teenworks needs; Mentors and Money.  If you have thought about making a new year's resolution, maybe part of that would be investing in an at-risk teen or taking your support for our organization to a new level. We pray you have a blessed New Year and a wonderful 2016. Thanks for partnering with us.


        The TeenWorks Family