Snowdrifts of Hope

I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity to go with TeenWorks to winter camp.  I had such an amazing time at Hume and loved the kindness and love I experienced all around at camp.  Snowboarding, the Tube Run, the food, and chapel, along with meeting new people were incredible!  I especially loved hearing the band sing and the experience of singing to the Lord with 1,000 other high school students.   While at camp, I surrendered myself to the Lord.  I cried with joy and felt so much relief as burdens began to fall off my chest.  Camp helped me understand and feel like I belong in this world.  Surrendering myself to God released a lot of negative energy and hatred and broken pieces that hopefully will get back into line.  Everybody should consider going to camp because you can learn so much from just a weekend that will impact your entire life.  It is truly an amazing experience and one I will never forget. 

             -Mariah, TeenWorks High School Freshman